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The Hide was an interactive, live-art installation that premiered in the Warren Bar, downstairs at the Fringe Hub, during the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival. A bird-hide built for people-watching, The Hide invited audiences inside to observe, comment on and analyse the behaviour and rituals of their fellow humans, through activities and tasks. A free event, The Hide was a unique, playful and surprising destination for Fringe audiences.

Made from a range of new, recycled and raw materials, designer Georgia Mill created The Hide to be a distinct visual and tactile experience. The structure was made from a series of wooden frames which were dressed in hessian with windows for participants to look through and finished with materials, such as bundles of sticks and tin cans.

The Hide was not a performance, but an experience. Audience members entered an intimate constructed room in the Warren Bar and contributed to the work by observing the public from viewing-holes, recording data, and documenting stories and moments while reflecting on their communities and themselves. Audiences became part of the work, and contributed to its growth over the course of the festival. By the final week, the observations and reflections left behind by audience members transformed The Hide into an archive, filled with sketches, journal entries, photographs and more.

Created by: Mattie Young, Brienna Macnish & Josh Lynzaat

Designer: Georgia Mill

Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2012

Dates: 26 – 30 Sept, 2 – 7 Oct and 9 – 14 Oct

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