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Lines We Might Have Walked was a live art project developed in Castlemaine, Victoria through Punctum Inc. Seedpod sponsorship.

The work was inspired by the act of mapping and how we record where we have been, how our memories give meaning to a space and how our movements within these spaces make up a part of who we are.

An investigation into line and storytelling through mapping, Lines We Might Have Walked experimented with the creation of line maps crafted by participants in response to a series of playful questions about their experiences, memories and imaginings. For five days Georgia sat in the Phee Broadway Theatre outside the Castlemaine library asking participants to respond to a question, such as, Draw a line on the map which takes you to two places where you have laughed and one where you have hidden something. Their answers were recorded in the form of a line drawn on a map of Castlemaine.

The information was then collected, interpreted and displayed in an installation at Punctum’s Intensive Culture Unit, Castlemaine.

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Created by: Georgia Mill

Thanks to Mattie Young & Danielle Bain

This project has benefited from the artistic collaboration of Punctum artists Jude Anderson and Tara Gilbee.