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A Day Like Every Other premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014.

A Day Like Every Other explores the role of routine and habit in our everyday lives. Beginning with a one-on-one interview, the work evolves into a series of playful tasks and creative interventions that ask participants to take a different look at the way they live their everyday life.

During their interview participants sit down with the artists for a five-minute, one-on-one interview about the day they are likely to have tomorrow. As the participants go about their daily routines the following day, the show continues. Using their mobile devices, participants are sent messages with tasks to complete. The tasks relate specifically to parts of their daily routine and offer the participant a moment to reflect and imagine.

The completed tasks are sent back and a text message conversation ensues. At the end of the day, participants receive the link to a private blog that documents their Day Like Every Other.

Conceived by Mattie Young
Co-Created and Designed by Georgia Mill
Photo by Patrick McCarthy

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