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 … and I remember

Audio-visual installation, mixed media.

A series of interviews with participants in which they recounted memories they were unsure of having ever occurred.

Many of us have uncertain memories: personal narratives that are mixed with imagination, seem otherworldly or possess an element of magic realism. We remember these events vividly, despite the fact that there may not be any objective evidence that the memory actually happened.

and I remember playfully engaged with the accuracy of memory and the role repetition plays in our ability to effectively communicate our identities. How many times have we replayed these events back to ourselves? How do we place these uncertain memories that don’t fit within our rational understanding of the world? And, is there ever a “true” representation of these past events?

Sections of the audio were visually interpreted by the artist, further adding to the process of reinterpretation and multiplication of past events.

Thank you to all those who contributed

This work was part of the collaboration Facsimile with artist Giordano Biondi at SEVENTH Gallery Brunswick.